Copying Files to Windows from Linux Using Putty’s PSCP Command Line Tool

I’m wanting to look at my cloud hosted Linux Apache web server log files on my local Windows PC and I’m using PuTTY SSH as my Windows SSH telnet client.

How do we transfer the Apache web server log files over to my local Windows PC so I can work with it?

Instead of trying to copy the file from inside the PuTTY SSH session on the remote server, we can use a built-In Windows command line tool (pscp.exe) included with PuTTY called “PSCP” which mimic much of what you get with Linux’s built-in scp file transfer utility.

Putty’s Command Line File Transfer Tool (PSCP)

Below is a screenshot of me figuring out how to properly transfer an Apache web server log file over to my Windows PC temp folder on the C drive.

Sample Command Line Code

Run from the Windows Command Line from your Putty Install folder.

I used // to escape the forward slashes on the Linux server and \\ to escape backslahes and it worked.

Below should be entered all on one line.
c:\Program Files\PuTTY>pscp user@remoteserver://var//log//apache2//access.log c:\\temp\\access.log

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