Apache Web Server: Blocking Countries By IP Range using .htaccess

Blocking Countries by IP Address on Your Apache Web Server

Before I show you how, the more important item to address is how do we know what IP addresses go to a specific country or region?

There are web sites like CountryIPblocks.net that help you create .htaccess entries for blocking countries and regions by IP address ranges.

Screenshot below show me building a deny list for Asia for example.

Copy the IP ranges to your .htaccess file, save then reset the Apache server service.

>service apache2 restart

Welcome to the New World of Cyber Warfare

Below is a screenshot from CountryIPblocks.net providing a list of IPs to block Iranian web traffic. If a threat actor is actively engaged in sneaky sneaky bad stuff then using this site will help you identify IP ranges to block.

Author: Rick Cable / AKA Cyber Abyss

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