Rick’s Picks: Top 5 Software Developer Podcasts

About 3 years ago I took on a challenging role as a developer at a start-up that had me doing a 3-4 hour daily commute, 5 days a week.

I’m working from home a lot more now but I did this grueling commute for at least 2 years. I still commute now, just less frequently. I learned to fill my time with lots of technical information mainly podcasts.

It took a while to nail it down, but felt I got the most out of filling my drive time with software development podcasts when I made my self research virtually every unfamiliar term or concept I would hear on the podcasts. Initially, it was exhausting but slowly over time, I was looking things up less and less and impostor syndrome visited less and less. 🙂

Here is a list of the top 5 software development podcasts that I found helpful in my journey as a web / software developer.

Have a favorite developer podcast you didn’t see on my list? Drop me a line or leave a comment with your favorite.