Playing MP4 Files on Samsung Smart TV

My First Attempt at Creating a Homemade Media Web App that Works on a Samsung Smart TV

I’ve been thinking about building a media web app for a while now and today was the first day I tested it on a Samsung Smart TV to see if it would work.

There are lots of ways you can do this but I’m trying to take the path of least resistance. For background, the MP4 file format now plays without plugins in most modern web browsers.

For my early “Alpha” tests, I just made a local web server with folders that could be browsed and put some media in there. This works for Chrome, Firefox etc. You can click and watch the video no problem.

Does the Samsung Smart TV Play MP4 Files?

The answer is a bit frustrating as it is Yes and No. WTF!

First, let’s deal with the No. The Samsung native web browser will not play a MP4 file if you link directly to it in my testing.

Next is the Yes. This happens when you add a USB Mass Storage Device to the TV. My Samsung Smart TV had 3 USB ports. I used one for a wireless Mouse / Keyboard combo device and one for a simple 10GB USB stick I had laying around for testing.

Once I added the USB Mass Storage Device to the Samsung TV USB port the Smart TV web browser would let me download the MP4 files to the USB stick then I would watch them by choosing the Mass Storage Device as the media data source.

I’m come back to add some screenshots soon.

If you found this, I hope it helped you solve your issue. 😉

~Cyber Abyss

Favicon 401 or 404 Error in Angular Single Page Applications (SPA)

This was an issue I recently encountered involving 401 & 404 HTTP errors generated for the Favicon.ico file in an Angular Single Page Application (SPA) that was built by a vendor that I’m servicing now for a customer.

Neither Chrome nor Microsoft Edge complained as much as Firefox did about the Favicon error. I can’t stand to see errors in applications so I had to find a way to solve this.

Luckily, after a bit of searching, I had found this discussion on StakeOverFlow about the Favicon throwing in error like this.

The Favicon Fix for Angular Apps

Use this “shortcut icon” tag instead of the favicon tag.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="#">

This simple fix resolved my issue and I no longer see any 401 Unauthorized or 404 Not Found errors involving the favion.ico file in my Angular application.

As always, I hope this little snippet of knowledge helps someone. 😉

~Cyber Abyss