Backward Engineering a File Parsing a MicroORM Solution

Backward Engineering a File Parsing MicroORM Solution

I love my work!

I’m given application code I’ve never seen and in a language I don’t code in often enough and asked to figure it out.

Luckily, I have access to business analysts and a DBAs to get details about the business processes and databases the code is related to.

From code and info resources, create working test environment and get familiar enough with application code and databases to have new updates in to production in 2-3 weeks.

No pressure, right?

I was fairly successful today and here are some of the resources that used to solve problems I encountered.

Massive MicroORM 

It’s a small MicroORM based on the Expando or dynamic type and allows you to work with your database with almost no effort. The design is based on the idea that the code provided to you in this repository is a start: you get up and running in no-time and from there edit and alter it as you see fit.

Video: Introduction to Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

C# Code: Checking Array Length (See if array has X elements)

Test the length

int index = 25;
if(index < array.length)
    //it exists


C# ExpandoObject

C# Frequently Asked Questions:  Dynamic in C# 4.0 – Introducing the ExpandoObject

Video: Make Apps Dynamic using the ExpandoObject

Video: How to use Massive in Master – Detail (Micro ORM – .Net – C#

Video: ASP.NET Tutorial on ADO.NET

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