Porting My Python 3 Scraper Script Over to my Kali Linux VM

This is republished from my old Blogger blog but I can’t find the original Python script blog article. I’ll be back soon to post the content for the original article if I’ve kept good enough notes. Argh!

I didn’t know what else to call the title but this is what I’m doing…

I wrote a Python scraper script, see my previous blog posts on how to do this yourselves.

So I’m a little further down the road in my training and want to take that script written on my Windows PC using Python 3 and run it on a Kali Linux VM which apparently is running Python 2.7.

So as with all things tech, it won’t run without some tweaking.

This is how I got it to work.

First, there is a difference in how you execute Python scripts in Linux. With Kali Linux, you seem to have several versions installed by default. Looks like python 2.7 is the directory where most of the goodies including the BeautifulSoup package my scraper needs were so I’m using this one.

Example of how to call python2.7 then pass the script that is located in the “Desktop” folder to it.

The only code I had to update one line of  code and that was the reference to the urllib.

Why? Because the urllib and urllib2 packages have been split into urllib.request , urllib.parse and urllib.error packages in Python 3.x. The latter packages do not exist in Python 2.x

We are going backwards in version and

Old code: from urllib.request import urlopen as uReq

New code: from urllib2 import urlopen as uReq